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Sunday, January 09, 2005


Ahh yes... Milfs... Boy do I ever love them. Being in my twenties I've always had a fantasy about fucking hot moms, especially kinky hot moms. And ever since the American Pie movies came out, the pornographers of this industry really took the term MILF to them and brought us a shitload of sites containing hot moms... the so called MILFs. And MilfChallenge is surely one of the better Milf sites I've come across. The tour is simple to navigate and there is not really much to say other than check it out.
The movies I've reviewed in the next column... Cheers!


Tons of Milfs to choose from, each getting their steamy wet pussies fucked like never before. The quality is outstanding and you can see that the vidoes was shot this year and are exclusive. The playing of the videos are easy, you just click the links or right click them to download, as it says on the page.


Each MILF has about 80 pictures to their episode taken, all pictures was taken with a digital camera.


A new milf is added every week.


Video: Windows Media Player
Pictures: JPEG


3 Day Trial - $4.88 Both CC & Check
Monthly - $24.88 Both CC & Check
1 Month by Phone - $34.95


Overall MilfChallenge is a must see site if you're into the whole MILF-Game, if not then I would recommend something else.


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