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Sunday, January 09, 2005



EuroSexParties is another site from the creators of MilfHunter, CaptainStabbin and BigNaturals, so almost without reviewing the site I can tell you it is pure quality. Anyhow EuroSexParties is all about European gangbangs with hot chicks and I mean super hot chicks.


I can tell you this much without even lying once you get access to Eurosexparties you are never gonna rent another adult movie and that I guarantee you. The videos these guys have shot are so damn good that you'll find yourself checking back everyday for more updates. The angles in which the videos are shot are superb and the sound is real good too. All in all you can see that pro's has made this site.


Pictures has been taken with its own digital cam so it is not screendumps from video. This is good as the quality is much higher and that makes the pictures worth seeing aswell.


About the updates I really don't have any comments they add a new fresh hardcore movie every week. Just as promised in the tour. But trust me this is not like other sites where you see one part of the video and then jerk off and come back the next day. These movies are so good that you will find yourself sitting all the way thru the video to hear the moaning of the ultra hot girls these guys have picked.


Video: Windows Media Player & MPEG
Pictures: JPEG


3 Day Trial - $4.95 Both CC & Check
Monthly - $24.95 Both CC & Check


This is without a single doubt in my mind the best porn site I've ever joined. The quality of the girls and the updates are without a match. Also you get access to 12 other super high quality paysites.

So get out your kleenex's boys you'll be needing them ;)


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